Autogame Deluxe

  • A single-button multiplayer game where players battle to be the last car driving on increasingly chaotic crossroads.

Autogame Deluxe is a personal project that has taught me a lot about the way I make games. It's been in the making on and off for about eight years while I never made it clear for myself what the final game should look like. The core hasn't even changed that much during this time; the gameplay loop has been solid from the start and it's even ready for events with large, custom buttons.

From the beginning, I knew Autogame Deluxe should be:

  • Easy to play
  • Enjoyable to watch as well
  • multiplayer, with computer-controlled players

Because there was no pressure on this project, the game has gone through many phases. Autogame Deluxe started as a microgame and has been rebuilt (at least) three times where things like control schemes, items and a tournament mode have been implemented, and removed.

Looking back, my biggest challenges were:

  • Maintaining the feel of the game, adding elements that fit the theme while being recognizable.
  • Polishing the UX to make sure scoring and ranks are clear, even for first time players.
  • Deciding when to stop changing things!
  • For this final iteration, where I finally decided on a content lock, there are still a couple of things I want to add because I value the experience. These are:

    • Single player challenges. Handling the same system to decide on a win or loss with different game rules and how to incorporate progress, unlocks and high scores.
    • Localization. Automatically reading available languages, handling different fonts and changing to a right-to-left script.
    • Accessibility. Making sure that as much of the game can be enjoyed by as many people as possible.


    • An interactive waterscape as a surprise for my newborn nephew
    • Solo project made in 48 hours over the span of a week
    • Play it here

    It was exciting to build this in the short time that I had. Very early on I shared the work-in-progress in secret with family and friends who provided feedback and a lot of enthusiasm.

    As I started my design, I thought the game should be:

    • Easily accessible through a webpage
    • Designed for portrait orientation on smartphones
    • Appealing to a small child
    • Done in a week, to present it as a gift to the parents when I would meet my nephew for the first time.

    From there, I developed the pieces one by one, creating a first vertical slice with the shark. My main tasks were:

    • Designing fun and vibrant interactions, based on existing paintings
    • Editing pictures of paintings, isolating the creatures and separating moving parts as assets
    • Coding cute creatures with distinct behaviours
    • Ensuring a vibrant game feel in any moment, with or without interaction
    • Scaling the environment, making sure elements stayed on-screen when dealing with different screen sizes
    • Maintaining a balance between fast iteration using GM:S's desktop testing and testing stability in the HTML5 module

    Bark Souls

    • Get pleasantly lost in a large wintery forest, together with your dog and other players with their dogs!
    • Made during the Global Game Jam 2021 (Theme: 'Lost and Found')

    There's nothing here... yet!

    Play it here

    Rattī Rattūs

    • [One sentence description]
    • Made during the Global Game Jam 2020 (Theme: 'Repair')

    There's nothing here... yet!


    Lab Rats

    • [One sentence description]
    • [context]
    • [achievements]

    There's nothing here... yet!

    Extreme Home Breakover

    • [One sentence description]
    • Made during the Global Game Jam 2019 (Theme: 'What home means to you')
    • [achievements]

    There's nothing here... yet!

    Shift Drift: Substitution Transfusion

    • [One sentence description]
    • Made during the Global Game Jam 2018 (Theme: 'Transmission')

    There's nothing here... yet!

    Spy in the Skool

    • [One sentence description]
    • Made during an in-office game jam in 2017 (Theme: 'Spy')

    There's nothing here... yet!


    • [One sentence description]
    • 2017-2018
    • [achievements]

    There's nothing here... yet!


    • A 2-8 player party game where players need to wash and dry ducks
    • Made during the Global Game Jam 2017 (Theme: 'Waves')
    • First Prize & Best Audio

    In a team of three, my main role was programming. The other roles were audio and art and everyone did design on the go with a scope and design we had all agreed on. One of my teammates demanded we'd incorporate ducks into the game, to which no one objected. This joined together with the jam's theme ('Waves') into 'what if you make waves in the tub where you wash your ducks?'

    For this jam, my requirements were:

    • Fast-paced gameplay
    • Multiplayer/Party game
    • Eye catching and vibrant aesthetics

    Having decided on the design, I was mainly focused on:

    • Creating a playful, bouncy feel at any time during play
    • Improving game feel on feedback and effects
    • Implementing sprites and audio
    • Organizing game settings for easy tweaking by other teammembers
    • Making it playable with one hand, to support as many players with four controllers as possible

    Ruse Service

    • [One sentence description]
    • Made during the Liberty Global Appathon 2016
    • [achievements]

    There's nothing here... yet!

    Super Flippin' Phones

    • A single player arcade game where you save the world by slapping phones out of people's hands
    • Indie Gameleon 2014 (Theme: Eschers' Relativity)
    • Indie Prize 2015 nominee

    Super Flippin' Phones is my first commercial project, with an Android release in January 2016 as well as a release on Steam and Itch in February 2016. Flippin' Phones (without 'Super') was developed during a game jam, and the polished version was uploaded to Itch in June, 2014. The games were also picked up by some of the largest streamers like DanTDM, TotalBiscuit, and PewDiePie.

    Flippin' Phones was meant to be a not-too-serious jab at the growing smartphone usage so as my role as programmer, I had to convey that intented silliness. My focus was:

    • Fast-paced gameplay
    • Short rounds
    • Maximizing feedback and effects with minimal input

    After the game jam and the exposure the game got, we decided to work towards a commercial release to get experience developing a game from A to Z. As a nod to our retro nostalgia, we added 'Super' to the title of this 'sequel'. For the final game, my responsibilities included:

    • Game feel and state feedback
    • Implementing unlocks and achievements
    • UI and (menu) interaction
    • Performance and optimization


    • [One sentence description]
    • Made during the Global Game Jam 2016 (Theme: 'Ritual')
    • First Prize Groningen Location

    There's nothing here... yet!

    Who Will...

    • [One sentence description]
    • Made during the Indie Gameleon 2015 (Theme: '???')
    • Some awards

    There's nothing here... yet!


    • [One sentence description]
    • Made during the Global Game Jam 2015 (Theme: 'What do we do now')
    • Honorable Mention: Audio

    There's nothing here... yet!


    Twin Fin

    • [One sentence description]
    • Made during the Summer Game Dev 2013 (Theme: '[image here!]')
    • First Prize
    • Indigo Showcase 2013

    There's nothing here... yet!


    • [One sentence description]
    • [context]
    • [achievements]

    There's nothing here... yet!


    • [One sentence description]
    • Made during the Global Game Jam 2014 (Theme: 'We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are')
    • First Prize Leeuwarden Location
    • Nominee Kleine Uil 2014

    There's nothing here... yet!


    • [One sentence description]
    • Made during the Global Game Jam 2013 (Theme: 'The sound of a heartbeat')

    There's nothing here... yet!